Privacy policy
Privacy Policy
This website collects personally identifiable information from their users.
Registration Form / Payment Form
By filling in the registration form and payment form, the user authorizes this website to use his information.
Users who have their phone number and EMail address may be contacted for any commercial or promotional purpose relating to this website, as well as for processing support requests.
Types of data collected
Types of personal information that this website collects include: username, first name, last name , Street, Location, Country, Postal Code, Birth date, marital status, photos, email address, phone number, cookie and usage data. This data is transmitted with modern HTTPS encryption and used only for the purpose of the dating site and not given to third parties. If the user uses a payment form on the website, only PayPal's account details or the user's credit card or bank account details will be indicated on Paypal.
The personal data will be provided by the user with the express consent of the operator. If the user does not agree with this, he has no authorization to use this website.
Unless otherwise stated, the use of cookies - resp Tracking tools - through which this application identifies users and stores their preferences for the sole purpose of providing the services requested by the user.
The user accepts responsibility for his personal information.
Data Processing Method and Location
Processing methods
The responsible entity processes the user data in a proper manner and takes appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access and unauthorized forwarding, modification or to avoid destruction of data.
Data processing is performed by means of computers or IT-based systems, following an organizational procedure and mode strictly following the intended purpose.
The data is processed at the place of operation of the responsible body. For more information, please contact the responsible department.
Storage duration
The data will be stored for as long as necessary to provide the services requested by the user or specified for the purposes specified in this document. The user may at any time ask the responsible entity to block or remove the data.
Use of the collected data
The data about the user is collected so that the owner can provide the services. In addition, data is collected for the following purposes: Contacting the user. The personal information used for the purposes listed is set out in the relevant sections of this document.
Full details of the processing of personal data
Personal information is collected for the following purposes using the following services:
The services listed in this section allow the owner to monitor and analyze traffic and behavior by users.
Matomo Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Matomo, Use the data collected to track and investigate how this site is used to write reports on its activities.

Location-based interactions
Non-continuous geolocation
This website may collect and use user's location information.
By default, most browsers and devices are set to disable this feature. This site may access the user's location information if an explicit permission has been granted.
The user's geographic location is determined in a non-continuous manner either at the explicit request of the user or if the user does not enter the current location in the appropriate field and allows the application to automatically detect the location.
Personal data collected: Geographic position.
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Legal Measures
The user's personal information may be used by the responsible entity for legal purposes in litigation or possible litigation, that result from the improper use of this website or its services.
The user is aware that the responsible authority of authorities may be required to disclose personal data.
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In addition to the information contained in this privacy statement, this application may, upon request, provide the user with information relating to particular services or the collection and processing of personal data.
System logs and maintenance
This website and the third-party services may collect, for operational and maintenance purposes, files that record the interaction taking place through this website (system logs), or use other personal information (such as an IP address) for this purpose.
Information not contained in this privacy policy
Learn more about the collection or processing of personal data can be requested at any time by the responsible body via the specified contact details.
User Rights

This site does not support non-tracking (do not track) requests through web browsers.
For information on whether third-party providers are following the non-tracking protocol, please refer to the privacy policy for that particular service.
Changes to this privacy policy
The responsible body reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time by informing its users accordingly on this page. Users are therefore encouraged to visit this page regularly, checking the last modified date at the bottom of the page. If a user refuses to change their privacy policy, they may no longer use this website and may ask the responsible office to delete their personal data. Unless otherwise stated, the current privacy policy applies to all personal data that the responsible body has stored about a user.
About this privacy statement
The responsible entity is responsible for the privacy policy, which begins with the modules provided by Iubenda and is hosted on the servers of impuls-partnervermittlung.com.
Definitions and Legal Notices
Personal information (or Data)
Information about egg a natural or legal person, institution or company determined or determinable by reference to other information (including a personal identification number), also indirectly.
Usage Data
Information that this website (or any third-party services using this website) automatically collects, for example For example: the IP addresses or domain names of the computers of users using this application, the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) addresses, the time of the request, the method used to send the request to the server , the size of the response file received, the numeric code indicating the status of the server response (successful result, errors, etc.), the country of origin, the functions of the browser and operating system used by the user, the various times per call (e.g. How much time was spent on each page of the application) and information about the path followed within an application, in particular the order of the pages visited, as well as other information about the operating system of the device and / or the user's IT environment .
The person using this site to whom the personal information relates which must either be the data owner or has been authorized by the data owner.
Data Owner
The legal or natural person to whom the personal information relates.
Data Processor
The natural or legal person, public administration or other body, company or organization, which has been authorized by the responsible entity to process the personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
Responsible entity (or owner)
The natural or legal person, public administration or any other body, company or organization with the right, possibly together with another responsible body, to make decisions on the purpose and methods of processing personal data and the means used, including the security measures relating to the operation and use of this dating site. Unless otherwise stated, the responsible authority is the natural or legal person who owns this application.
This Web site
The hardware or software tool that collects the user's personal information.
Small file created by the application in the User's device.
Legal Notice
Notice to European Users: This Privacy Policy has been prepared in compliance with the requirements of article 10 of EC Directive No. 95/46 / EC and the provisions of Directive 2002/58 / EC, revised by Directive 2009 / 136 / EC, on the subject of cookies.
In this This privacy policy is all about this site.
Last updated: Februar 10, 2019