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Trusted dating service impulsPV with Thai women visa experiences!

Of course, requests for visitor or tourist visas from embassies in Bangkok are always rigorously checked for readiness to return. Often, however, is already made at visa application fundamentally wrong and the readiness to return the message is not credible!

For nineteen years, we have been helping Thai women with visitor visas and marriage visas. To date, about 98% of visa applications have received a visa. So that nothing runs contrary to the respective embassy in Bangkok, we support our Thai women with the visa application.

You do not need to worry about it!

We take care of the following for you and your Thai friend:

1. Visa cost of the Thai woman

2. Passport of the Thai woman

3. Medical insurance of the Thai woman

4. Assistance with all visa applications, so that as far as possible the desired visa is granted.

5. We register your Thai friend at a renovated language school for German courses. (Only necessary if a marriage visa or visa is desired for family reunification)

6. Monitoring regular participation in German language courses

7. Booking air ticket: Bangkok to Frankfurt. Frankfurt to Bangkok for the wife.

7. If you come to Thailand. We are if desired, always for your concerns on the spot.

Unlike the marriage visa and visa for the purpose of family reunification.

Here are other rules that the German immigration office or the respective higher regional court.


Your living space and income for 2 people should be sufficiently demonstrated.

Is it a love marriage or a fictitious marriage?

You will not believe? But is was!

If your Thai wife ever divorced. Does the Thai ex-husband agree to the remarriage?

If not, what to do?

Good advice does not have to be expensive!

Visa for Germany - 2 Amending Act to the Immigration Act.

On August 28, 2007, the 2nd Amendment Act to the Immigration Act came into force. Thereafter, the granting of a residence permit for the preservation or production of the marital partnership to spouses of Germans or foreigners is made dependent on the spouse being able to communicate in German, at least in a simple way.
What are basic German language skills? If the spouse plans to move to Germany, he must already prove when applying for the visa that he can easily communicate in German. Basic knowledge of German is understood to mean knowledge of the German language at proficiency level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This includes being able to understand and use familiar, everyday expressions and simple phrases. He should introduce himself and others and be able to ask and answer questions about the person - eg. Where he lives and what people he knows. He should also ask for everyday things and be thankful. All this, of course, only on the condition that the conversation partners speak clearly and are willing to help. It is therefore particularly important that the applicant spouse can talk about familiar topics that are aimed at satisfying specific needs; but he should also be able to write a little German, e.g. on forms in hotels name, address, nationality and so on. ORIGIN: German Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Bangkok.