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Schengen visa for the Thai women to Germany or other Schengen states!  

Customers who have found their Thai wife with us, and want to get to know each other in Germany, other Schengen states or Thailand in person, we are happy to help and advice.
Also with the marriage visa with the Thaifrau, you can rest assured with our know-how, so that the authorities do not enforce you.
With nineteen years of Thai woman visa experience, we know where to find the devil in detail.
For example:
You have to prove to the foreigner hearing:
Sufficient living space and income for 2 persons and health insurance of the Thai woman.
The immigration office checks for fictitious marriages!

Here are reviews of German foreigners, which can also lead to the refusal of marriage visa.
You will not believe? But that's the way it is!
Your competent higher regional court expects, if you want to marry a Thaifrau divorced in Thailand legally: A formal approval of the Thai ex-husband, for the renewed marriage of his ex-wife. So your Thai wife.
What is to be done in this case and if he disagrees?
We always find a solution for this problem too!

If desired, we will contact your Thai woman at a renovated language school for the A1 German language course. Only necessary if a marriage visa or visa is desired for family reunification.
Monitoring of regular participation in the planned German courses and A1 exam at the Goethe Institute in Bangkok.
If your Thai woman has the A1 certificate, her marriage documents can be translated via a translator authorized in Germany and submitted to the German embassy with the A1 certificate with marriage visa application.

The embassy will then have their marriage documents legalized. Which marriages documents of the Thai woman must be legalized, learns the man of his registry office. In the meantime, the German embassy contacts the immigration office of the man.
The immigration office then invites the man to write in to check his finances and housing. If these are sufficient, she gives the German embassy in Bangkok the green light to release the marriage visa of the Thai woman.

The Thai woman can then enter Germany with her marriage visa. The marriage visa has three months stay in Germany. During this time, the marriage must be completed.
Normally, the German embassy via the agency in Bangkok, the legalized marriage documents come within this time to the couple in Germany.
The man must also submit his marriage documents with his Thai wife to the registry office.

The Higher Regional Court will agree to the marriage if his demands are met. The registry office proposes to the couple a marriage date. If, for some reason, there are problems with Thai marriage documents in Thailand because, for example, the certificate of eligibility was no longer valid and it had to be procured and legalized, the three-month residence is often no longer sufficient because of marriage.
You can ask without hesitation at the foreigners authority for stay change. There are usually another three months.

After the marriage, please immediately to the immigration office, so that the residence permit of your bride is extended.
You can get all the detail information from us, so that no unnecessary stress arises.

Visa for Germany - 2 Amending Act to the Immigration Act.
On August 28, 2007, the 2nd Amendment Act to the Immigration Act came into force. Thereafter, the granting of a residence permit for the preservation or production of the marital partnership to spouses of Germans or foreigners is made dependent on the spouse being able to communicate in German at least in a simple manner. What are simple German language skills? If the spouse is planning to move to Germany, he must already prove when applying for the visa that he can easily communicate in German.

Basic knowledge of German is understood to mean knowledge of the German language at proficiency level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This includes being able to understand and use familiar, everyday expressions and simple phrases. He should introduce himself and others and be able to ask and answer questions about the person - eg. Where he lives and what people he knows. He should also ask for everyday things and be thankful. All this, of course, only on the condition that the conversation partners speak clearly and are willing to help.

It is therefore particularly important that the applicant spouse can talk about familiar topics that are aimed at satisfying specific needs; but he should also be able to write a little German, e.g. on forms in hotels name, address, nationality and so on. ORIGIN: German Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Bangkok.