HERZLICHEN GLÜCKWUNSCH. Jochen und Eid haben sich für ein Heiratsvisum entschieden. Eid besucht zur Zeit eine Deutschschule in Khon Khaen. Dann wird das Heiratsvisum bei der deutschen Botschaft beantragt.



Are Thai Women Personals honest on the Internet?

Honestly, normal, simple Thai women in Thailand are not able to post well-formulated content in their personal ad and then also in English or even in German!

Only Thai women from upper classes would be considered.

If you find exciting, delightful personals written in English, the author is often the operator of a dating site.

That would be okay if the site operator offers assistance to the Thai woman and the Thai woman personals contact, honestly according to the guidelines of the Thai woman.

Thai women are coveted wives for the Farang, but they have no interests or hobbies that a Farang would delight. Most Farangs can live with the deficit of the Thai woman.

The thinking pattern of a simple Thai woman is very simple. They often don't understand simple relationships. It is also difficult for them to think further than tomorrow. It is also more comfortable and does not cause a headache. Of course you can't coin this to every Thai woman.

Be that as it may, these simple, loving Thai women only want to win a decent and reliable Farang for themselves with their personal ads. If you don't cheat with photos and content, then you have a real chance at impulsPV.