How to find the right Thai Woman for Marry

You won't find real Thai women to marry in the bars of the tourist centers of Thailand. There you will find young, pretty Thai women who want a Farang if he is generous with money.
Unfortunately, these bar Thai women still think that the Farang is a gold donkey and that after marriage in Europe they would have a life in rush.

Farang himself is often to blame for the misconceptions of Thai women, since he shows off his laborious savings in the tourist centers. It is clear that Thai women get a wrong picture of the Farang's income and they believe that in his home country he has a well-filled wallet like this.
Now the reality in Europe is different.

If the Farang has pulled a young, pretty Thai girl out of the bar under his spell and he only sees everything through the pink glasses, he wants to bring his supposed conquest to Europe.

This could work for the time being with a visitor visa if the embassy does not thwart you. If you were lucky and she is on the Farang with a visitor visa or even a marriage visa, your luck is still clear. But she will soon find out that not everything is gold here and that most farangs have to work hard for their money.

You will see that we cannot spend the euro on vacation as easily as in Thailand. That will get a bar woman back on the ground. She will soon draw her conclusions and prefer her lottery experience in Thailand, where Farangs finance their lives with a lot of money.

Apart from that, our climate, culture, diet and language will no longer be very likeable to you.

So it's the way it is!
Most farangs will have a painful experience with bar women from Thailand if they want to make these Thai women their wives.

If you have found a reputable Thai woman from northern Thailand, pay attention to what education she has.
If Thai women have a better education, they find it easier to integrate into Europe. If she is poorly educated, please be patient, she will be grateful.

I know from some customers and from myself, in the beginning the serious Thai woman is reluctant. But very soon, when she grows more confident and real love arises from her initial affection, she literally blooms.

Have you ever seen your girlfriend or wife sing happily in one of your relationships? In the kitchen, preparing food or tidying up the house or apartment?
Probably not!
But there are such Thai women who can make you happy with it. It is a wonderful feeling when the partner trills happily in the house. I only experience it for the benefit of my Thai wife. It makes me happy that way too.

Unfortunately I don't know it from my wife at the time. Didn't miss it either because I didn't know it. Today I would miss it if my Thai wife is in a bad mood and the singing fails.

This is just one of the good things about Thai women, who can still play cheerfully with vocals. What I find great is that she is always worried about me. I mean to say that she is not like a mother, no she is like an understanding lover, wife and buddy.

I think you hardly find such a person here!