The official holidays and time in Thailand.

The time difference from Germany to Thailand is 5 hours. Is in Berlin 20:00 clock in the evening, in Thailand is already 01:00 clock at night. Please remember this when communicating with Thai beauties in messenger or chat.
Official Holiday = February 14th Valentine's Day
No official holiday = March 5 Makha Puja
Buddhist holiday = April 6 Chakri day
Official Holiday = April 13-15 Songkran Festival - Traditional Thai New Year
Official Holiday = April 28th Wedding Anniversary Royal Couple
No official holiday = 1st of May Labor Day
Official Holiday = 5th May Coronation Day
Official holiday = July 1st bank holiday
No official holiday = July 31 Asarnha Puja
Buddhist holiday = 1st August Khao Phansa
Buddhist holiday = August 12th Birthday of the Queen
Official Holiday = 18th October Krathin
Buddhist holiday = October 23 Chulalongkorn Day
Official Holiday = October 28 Ok Phansa
Buddhist holiday = november 26 Loy Krathong
Official Holiday = 5th of December Birthday of the King
Official Holiday = December 10th Constitution Day
Official Holiday = December 31 New Year's Eve
Time in Thailand!
In Thailand, as in some other Asian Buddhist countries, the year is calculated according to the Buddhist era (BE, Buddhist era, Buddha Sakarat). The calendar begins with the death of the Buddha in 543 BC. and has been used in Thailand since 1912.
It is therefore not surprising to write in Thailand in 2019, the year 2562. The conversion is actually quite simple, you added to the Christian era 543 years to do so. The official start of the year in Thailand is the 1st of January, even if you celebrate the Thai New Year Songkran only from the 13th to the 15th of April.