Experiences with Thai women - Good info to find the right Thai woman!

Thai women who want to marry a foreigner want a better life with a reliable, loving man.

The Farang (man of western origin, i.e. foreigner, is so called in Thailand). Which Farang has experience with Thai women? Well, it's Farangs who have been living in Thailand with their Thai women for decades. Or also those who live with their Thai women in their home country, i.e. outside of Thailand. Many Farangs had already had to pay a lot of school fees because they got too blue-eyed in a Thai relationship.

So after twenty years in Thailand, we can give you some very useful tips about experiences with Thai women if you want to fish one of the beautiful Thais.

First of all, you have to check something about the supposed Thai woman.

Is she a barmaid or had she worked as a barmaid before?
What is she currently living on? Does she have a job and which one?
Does she have a boyfriend or is she married?
Does she have children?
What language can I use to communicate with the Thai woman?
Does the Thai woman have poor parents who I would have to support after marriage? Even if you visit her in Thailand, you will not find out the actual circumstances of the Thai woman and her family.

They will not give you any insight into the family situation.

This can mean that you may only experience catastrophic things if you have married the Thai woman.
Then the child fell into the fountain.

The Farang, who is aiming for a partnership with the Thai woman, but deliberately does not want to take any risks, should contact a trusted person in Thailand who has been resident there for years and is well acquainted with the Thai customs.

This person should know the environment of the adored, thus minimizing the risk of a dubious, indebted Thai woman. Thai women also often hide their children when it comes to getting a Farang on board. If you want to meet a woman in Germany, you're sure to ask friends or acquaintances, do you know her?

But abroad is probably not possible because you are not based there. In addition, you are a Farang and a Farang will never trust a Thai family with their secrets and financial opportunities.

Also remember, if you marry a Thai woman, you don't always get the Thai family for free!

So be smart and not stumble headless into an adventure that you may be playing very badly.