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Since 2000, Thai Dating impulsPV, many Thai women have found a partner abroad. We say thank you for the trust that women from Thailand and men from abroad bring us.

We will continue to appreciate this trust in the future.

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impulsPV has reorganized!

Finally the time has come.

After successful work, impulsPV has become more attractive so that members find their partner even more successful.
Also on board can be seen!
For you, communicating with singles has become super cheap and attractive.

Now on board:

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With match, find matching Thai beauties!

You wish a younger Thai woman, because she will return your youth.

The Thai woman also has ideas for a more attractive life. She wishes a foreigner who can offer her a safe life, with some prosperity.
Only it is important that these different criteria harmonize. Certain conditions must be fulfilled, however, so that a bi-national connection can live.
Who knows his way around, with the pretty Thai woman on dating sites. If you have discovered a supposed Thai woman there, you are sure to ask:
I hope she is not a bar woman!
Is she in debt?
What does she live for, does she have a job?
Is she honest?
Does she have a boyfriend or is she still married?
Can I trust her?
Does she have children?
How can I communicate with her?
Does she have destitute or indebted parents whom I have to provide after marrying the Thai woman?
Even if you first visit your conquest in Thailand for a personal get-together, you will not know the actual circumstances of the woman and her family.
They will give you no insight into the family circumstances. That may mean you are experiencing inappropriate things when you are married to her. But then the child has already fallen into the well.
Men who are looking for a Thai woman for the partnership, but do not want to expose themselves to risk, should therefore turn to a trusted person in Thailand. This person should be able to check the environment of the beloved, thus minimizing a financial debacle.
If you are keen on a woman in Germany, are you sure to ask friends or acquaintances, do you know them? In Thailand, this is probably not possible because you do not live there.