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At impulsPV you can chat with Women from Thailand!

If you don't speak English or Thai, use the chat with language translation.

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Thaifrau Partner Agency ImpulsPV - when it comes to Thai Women Personals!  

Make your partner search a positive experience now. Meet Thai women in the chat with language translation so that you understand each other!


Traditional dating agencies have a different quality than single exchanges.

Thaifrau Partnervermittlung impulsPV A comparison is therefore not possible.

The most important difference between a single exchange and impulsPV is that we check Thai women and men of western origin very carefully. We also have stricter admission rules. Therefore, fake accounts at impulsPV are hardly possible. Singles exchanges have thousands or supposedly millions of users. Who should keep an eye on these users? The fact that fake accounts nest there unnoticed is logical.

impulsPV reserves the right to keep the number of members manageable - in the interest of all members.

Thaifrau Partnervermittlung

There are also no anonymous, extensive personality tests at impulsPV for Thai women and western men, whereby data protection is very questionable anyway!

With extensive, "supposedly scientifically" tested personality tests, by the way, the user is a transparent person, you are completely in the hands of someone else. Who would like that?

It can be assumed that these tests are often not carried out honestly by users. Which then logically leads to irritation for other users.

Surely you have already noticed that if you are looking for an Asian girl on single exchanges, you will never find Asian profiles that are filled with personality tests.

Because an Asian woman doesn't understand this.

First she looks for the picture, the age, the job, the home and love comes later. This is very simple, but it is common practice. Of course, nothing would work without affection.

Thai women are not as complicated in their interpersonal relationships as western women are. Thaifrau Heiratsvermittlung impulsPV

That is why many western men love these more uncomplicated and graceful creatures.

To approach a "serious Thai woman" requires sincerity, a little courage and patience. Of course, a relationship with a Thai woman should also be affordable. Remember: Living alone is always cheaper - you shouldn't forget it. But in most cases, a Thai woman contributes to the household budget through work.

Different cultures are no longer major obstacles these days if the man is open-minded.