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Why do Western men more and more prefer the "Thai Woman" for a marriage?

What are the motivations?
Is it just about sex?
Is it just about sex? Or is it about marrying younger Thai women?
What drives young men to marry a Thai woman? Are they unsightly or not well funded?
Or are our women, young or old, often unwilling to commit to a man?
We are following!

Our research says a lot about our members, who are not happy with the women in this country and therefore are traveling to other countries to find their love there.

Members of middle-aged and older women are becoming increasingly unsightly. They become more unattractive for the man.
There is often a lack of interest in sex, especially when women are in midlife crisis.

You then feel like you miss something in your life. That's why other men more interesting. No optimal situation for a harmonious cohabitation between man and woman.

It is also typical for our time that women are less willing to bind. They get along without living together with the man.

The man feels the single life rather disturbing in the long term. What is left for him if he does not find what he is looking for in this country?

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