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I am Berr. My first name Suwatani.
I wish to marry a European. From my future husband, I imagine that he is polite and decent, loyal and responsible. Since I am Thai, he should understand that everything in Europe is new and unknown to me.
If he smokes or drinks something (not in bulk), it does not matter to me. Also on his financial situation, I do not attach great importance, it should just be normal.
From me, I may say that I am a calm but outgoing woman. I love a lot, especially the music and the stars. When I have time, I like reading books, also writing diaries. I like to sew my clothes myself, also by hand.
I would be very happy to see you (still unknown today) in Europe or Thailand to get to know each other.
I do not want an adventure
From Thailand greets Berr

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